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Café Coco reopens for dine-in!

Say hello to pipin' hot food and drinks yet again.

After a long 3 months hiatus, Café Coco is now officially open for dine-in services once again! The COCO team has been cleaning up the cafe and disinfecting common areas since last week to prepare for our reopening.

COVID-19 has proved to be a strong contender against the F&B and tourism industry. It was truly a struggle to have battled against many factors over the past few months, and we have made several challenging decisions together as a team. To be able to still stand ground today at our cafe and to continue having your support is the biggest blessing we could ask for.

Social distancing rules still apply and masks are still on, but our coffee remains freshly roasted and the waffles piping hot. Come to Café Coco for the best cuppa in Gardens by the Bay, take a stroll with your loved ones and bask in the superb view of the iconic Supertrees right in front of you as you dine.

To make reservations, feel free to hit us up HERE and we'll get back to you soonest. We'll see you soon!

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